Hotel Verde Zanzibar — Azam Luxury Resort & Spa

Zanzibar's greenest hotel

About Hotel Verde Zanzibar

Zanzibar’s Greenest Hotel, Hotel Verde Zanzibar is unique to the island.  Situated just outside the Historic Stone Town it is an ideal base for a relaxing or adventurous break.

Operated sustainably, Hotel Verde Zanzibar is focused on the best sustainable practices for operation, placing a spotlight on water & energy saving initiatives which not only minimises the impact on the environment and its available resources but does not affect the luxury of a 5 Star experience.


  • Grey Water Harvesting (showers, basins) for reuse in WC’s
  • Black Water Treatment Plant – for use in irrigation, external rinsing/cleaning and supplement toilet flushing

  • Humidity and rain sensing based irrigation system


  • VRF System (Variable Refrigerant Flow) – efficient AC with heat recovery to heat water for showers and kitchen
  • PV Panels – carport & walkways, main reception building & black water plant roofs

  • Regenerative Drive Lifts

  • Energy efficient motors and pumps throughout facility

Building design

  • Spectrally selective double glazed Windows
  • Energy Modelled and optimised façade Building

  • Skylights for natural lighting

  • Roof garden on Spa building and shading devices on windows

Hotel operation

  • Responsible local procurement 
  • Waste Management
  • Mangroves protection
  • River Clean-up
  • Litter capture weir in river for continual clean up


Hotel Verde Zanzibar is targeting a 5-Star Green Star SA As-Built certification through the Green Building Council of South Africa (BBCSA).

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