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Where luxury meets thrivability ...

What do we offer?

Verde Hotels is a responsible hotel operator that offers a turn-key hotel management model based on the principles of Thrivability.

The holistic approach used by Verde Hotels aims to prove that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive whilst providing guests with an oasis no matter hotel location, always epitomising a brand mix of cosmopolitan style and natural outdoor lifestyle.

At Verde Hotels, we are passionate and committed to our journey towards growing a portfolio of luxury green hotels in Africa and around the world. Join us in developing your country’s greenest hotel.

Meet the team

Mario Annemarie 2018 Web

Mario and Annemarie Delicio

Owners and directors of Verde Hotels

“We are not inheriting the world from our fore fathers, rather we are borrowing it from our children. That is the view we must take to live more sustainably. We have, as individuals and as a company, a responsibility towards our current and future generations.” – Mario Delicio

Anika 2018 Web

Anika Delicio

Director of Verde Hotels

“It is incredibly inspiring to see how two people’s vision for a better future for our planet has taken a physical form with Hotel Verde, and now, even more with Verde Hotels as a hotel management company. The possibilities of what can be achieved are endless if one has the right people with the right passion working toward the right goal.”

Bruce 2018 Web

Bruce Walker

CEO of Verde Hotels

“As a skilled hotelier, Verde Hotels has enlightened me to the bountiful possibilities and opportunities that lie within the realms of Green or Sustainable building and management of hotels. The ecological mindset of which Verde Hotels manages hotels has brought about a refreshing challenge in the way that I see the future of hotels worldwide.” 

David P 2018 Web

David Pollock

Chief technical officer of Verde Hotels

“It has been an honour and a privilege to see this concept to completion and witness the great feedback from guests and industry professionals alike. Many people feel that going green is just too expensive but we have seen that the payback period is better, to that of a normal hotel because the green innovations make such a difference to your bottom line.”

Maresa 2018 Web

Marésa Pretorius

Chief financial officer of Verde Hotels

“The first step in achieving prosperity and wealth is learning to appreciate what you already have. The time has come for a shift in consciousness. We are merely but stewards of the planet. Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. We can all make meaningful contributions by simply getting involved.”

Andre 2018 Web

Andre Harms

Sustainability engineer and founder of Ecolution Consulting

“Travelers, especially from overseas, are becoming more and more attuned to green accommodation and often specifically search for it. From a development point of view, green buildings have a higher value and can fetch higher rental rates, an important factor when the owner-operator business model is not a definite or in case it should change.”

Calvin 2018 Web

Calvin Boia

Marketing and brand manager at Verde Hotels

“We only have one earth. If we do not look after it, we will simply lose it. I see it as part of my destiny to do my utmost to preserve our planet for generations to come. The future is now creating a culture of responsibility towards a healthy and thrivable planet. My passion is to utilize my experience in the hospitality sector to achieve breakthrough standards that can be implemented in the management style of Verde Hotels”

What are the benefits of choosing Verde Hotels as your operator?

To hotel owners:

  • return on investment
  • Increased market value
  • slower depreciation
  • lower refurbishment costs

To hotel managers:

  • increased productivity
  • higher rental rates
  • higher occupancy rates
  • better employee wellness

To hotel guests:

  • health and wellbeing
  • sustainable stay
  • 3 to 5 star experience
  • zero carbon footprint

To local communities:

  • education and job creation
  • support of local SMME's
  • biodiversity maintenance
  • health and productivity

Business benefits: Why go green?

lower operating costs


lower water consumption


reduction on energy


waste to landfill reduction


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