What we offer


Operating Solution

Verde Hotels offers an operating solution based on a three part hotel management agreement:

  1. Intellectual Property License Agreement
  2. Technical Services Agreement
  3. Management Agreement


Quality and Standards

Hotels managed by Verde will always be positioned to offer luxury without excess abiding by the following brand standards:

  • Comfort
  • Environmental best practice and responsibility
  • Convenience
  • Quality
  • Passion and friendliness
  • Education
  • Employee wellness and corporate social responsibility

In line with the need for independently accessed quality assured tourism businesses, Verde Hotels will use existing expertise to commission third party certifications for sustainability of all future hotels. Using Verde Hotels’ standard holistic approach, all aspects of the design, construction and operation of Verde Hotels will be as sustainable as possible in order to create that region’s greenest hotel.


Offering: from pre-design to management

  • Site audits, feasibility studies and externally moderated environmental impact assessments of new construction or existing hotel
  • Extensive energy modeling to assess energy use of proposed hotel to compare cost vs. benefit of sustainability interventions and quantify savings attributable to the hotel building design or retrofit
  • Strategies management for: sustainable site, materials & resources, energy & atmosphere, water and indoor environmental quality for hotel development or retrofit
  • Green building certification consulting and building commissioning processes for New Construction or Existing Building
  • Project and strategies management including construction/renovation procurement, waste management and project management of all contracted specialists
  • Integration and Implementation of efficient energy and water saving technologies and operational procedures, maximising synergies and efficiencies for optimal sustainable and financial hotel performance
  • Hotel launch and management under a hotel operating solution inclusive of the Verde thrivable hotel standards
  • Central reservations and marketing department, managing sustainability, destination and content marketing, as well as, public and guest relations optimisation with extensive PR and sales drive.
  • Execution of the minimum standards for Thrivable operating practices including:
    1. Efficient resource management
    2. Responsible procurement and operational material management plan
    3. On-going training and human capital investment (including education and Corporate Social Responsibility) • Carbon management and sequestration programmes
    4. Waste minimisation and management
    5. Guest involvement and sustainable incentivisation
    6. Biodiversity maintenance